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Building a $5 Million High-Net-Worth Practice 

 Guidelines for Sourcing and Working with the Wealthy During the Covid-19 Crisis and Beyond

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021
Pacific Time: 9am-12pm
Eastern Time: 12pm-3pm

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"I recently attended a Masterclass presented by Anthony and Russ and found it to be highly valuable.  I learned some of the creative ways that CPAs can be more productive and bring more value to their clients."

Asif Vadaria, CPA
Profiter CPA Group

"Wow, I wish they had offered this opportunity a long time ago! I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about growing their practice.  I see the training, resources and relationship leading to some great rewards in the near future! "

-Mark Rush, CPA
Ham, Langston & Brezina, LLP


Have clearly defined business goals that can enable you to build a $5 million high-net-worth practice.

Step 1

Have a more precise picture of the nature of the wealthy clients you can best serve, and which cohorts will be most lucrative.

Step 1

Understand the Everyone Wins Process and how you can use it to source wealthy clients effectively and maximize revenue.

Step 1

Determine the optimal business model for your high-net-worth practice. There are several possibilities.

Step 1

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All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the book,
"Your $5 Million High-Net-Worth Practice: Guidelines for Sourcing and Working With the Wealthy During the Covid-19 Crisis and Beyond"

(Valued at $250)

This Exclusive Masterclass is Divided into 2 Sessions

Session 1: Group Education

Step 1

A 3-hour live online education program where we will explain the powerful processes you need to master to build a $5 million practice. We will also address the different business models available to you.

Session 2: Individualized Coaching

Step 1

Russ and Anthony will work with you individually in this 90 minute online session to apply the processes and methods addressed in Session 1. This session is customized to what you want to focus on.

Our Featured Speakers


Russ Alan Prince, a Visiting Scholar at the Forbes School of Business and Technology, is one of the leading authorities in the private wealth industry. He regularly consults with the Super Rich, family offices and select fast-tracking entrepreneurs, and is often engaged by wealthy family members and successful entrepreneurs for personal wealth creation coaching. He has authored or co-authored more than 60 books, including Optimize Business Relationships Just Like Ultra-Wealthy Entrepreneurs (available on Amazon).

Russ Alan Prince

President @R.A. Prince & Associates


Anthony Glomski is the founder of AG Asset Advisory, an SEC-registered Family Office. His team works extensively with entrepreneurs to build family offices and optimize their financial world. This collaborative process addresses an array of family, financial and lifestyle concerns along with coordination and oversight of various professionals to keep everyone focused tightly on their goals. Anthony began his career at KPMG and has been featured in Forbes, US News, and several other media outlets.

Anthony Glomski

Founder @AG Asset Advisory

Building an individual high-net-worth practice has four main components. Conviction + Process + Expertise + The COVID-19 Crisis = $5 Million High-Net-Worth Practice Built Quickly. Click HERE to learn more.

This Masterclass is Intense and Highly Interactive
Attendance is Limited to 10 Participants

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All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the book,
"Your $5 Million High-Net-Worth Practice: Guidelines for Sourcing and Working With the Wealthy During the Covid-19 Crisis and Beyond"

(Valued at $250)

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